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Tawa College offers a Computer science subject to all senior students. This subject offers skills in HTML5 and CSS3, a web building structure, this course is aimed to help you understand and convert that knowledge into a successful running website, if you want to start learning HTML5 and CSS3 click on -->this link<--, for more information about HTML5 and CSS3 visit Year 11, Year 12 , and Year 13 It also offers a programming course to all senior students, this is part of the DITCS subject, python (the programming) allows students to make their own calculator, and even make their own video game! If you would like more information about the python course visit the co-responding year above, or to the left.

The last course through-out all the senior years at Tawa College Computer Science is Theory, in this course you will be learning about making instructions, and how all the different programs have their own unique way of telling the computer, or even a human how to do a specified task. The Computer Science subject is university approved and offers a heap of credits.


There is one more courses through-out the level 2 and 3 Computer Science subject, which is databases, this is introduced to the students at NECA level 2 and 3, this is aimed to help the students in improving the way they manage files, and also help them understand in how a big company like Microsoft, keep track of all of their clients. For more information about databases , and if you wish to learn more about the level 2 databases, click on this link Year 12 if you want to learn more about the level 3 databases and what it covers, and what they can both possibly lead to, click this link Year 13